Aussprache (Pronunciation)


Many German students find it easier to learn German with pictures. As a visual learner myself, I love associating words with pictures. Consequently, I have started several galleries of visual items that hopefully will help visual and non-visual learners alike to add to their German vocabulary or to better retain vocabulary or grammar. This is a work in progress that I will continue to update as I create new images. These pages contain a lot of visual content, so they may take a little while to load. Please be patient! These pages feature only original visuals I have created, but I will also continue to post similar visual items that I find on other websites on the facebook page.

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Deutsche Aussprache (German Pronunciation)

For many additional materials on pronunciation check out our Weekly Brick unit on pronunciation.

The following images and sound files are provided to help German learners with the pronunciation of difficult sounds, such as the German Umlauts.


a ae 2 aussprache

o oe 2 aussprache

u ue 2 aussprache

ie2 aussprache

ck-ch-0-newPronunciation of ck vs. ch: video with practice sentences to distinguish ck and ch (e.g. nickt vs. nicht). 

Pronunciation of German abbreviations: abbreviations that are not pronounced as abbreviations; abbreviations that are pronounced as individual letters;

A collection of tongue twisters to practice the entire alphabet is below, one for each letter of the alphabet. Videos with the pronunciation of these tongue twisters and other materials related to German grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation are available on our youtube channel:

Tongue twister videos (Aussprache): A-C; D-F; G-I; J-L