Beruf & Arbeit


This is one of our Weekly Brick units that are designed to provide specific building blocks for German students and teachers to work with for a week. These weekly German units feature a different theme each week and offer various types of exercises for different types of learners.

Some of the materials are worksheets (W); others are blog articles (B), flashcards (F), online exercises (O), powerpoints (P), reading texts (R), videos (V), or webquests (WQ).

Creating the materials on this website has taken hundreds of hours of unpaid work, and while is a labor of love, a small Paypal donation would be greatly appreciated if you have found the materials on this website to be of use to you.


Berufe: video on some common professions with a variety of questions related to pictures. Mostly in German, some English. Level: A2 / advanced beginner. (V)

Beruf (profession): quizlet flashcard set for vocabulary related to jobs.  (F)

Wer bin ich? Fun powerpoint for different jobs. Great for classroom use. (P)

Berufe: Wer sagt was? Easy online exercise for some common professions.

beruf & arbeitBerufe: Berufe-Lexikon with many different jobs and descriptions

Beruf: video about job applications with available worksheet.   (V & W)

Job Search Vocab: online quiz for vocabulary relating to jobs.   (O)

Great graphic for common mistakes during job interview.

Berufe: picture flashcards and exercises (most suitable for children).  (F)

Whatchado: great collection of short videos where people talk about their jobs. More than 1500 videos available. Definitely intermediate level and up though.   (V)

Der Tag der Arbeit in Deutschland ist der 1. Mai. Germany celebrates Labor Day on the International Workers’ Day (May 1).



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