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Not so sure about how a mile stacks up to a kilometer? Need to know how much your U.S. dollar is worth in Euros today? Trying to buy European-size shoes online? Our handy conversion links will help you with all of your conversion needs. Metric conversion can be a headache, but it’s a piece of cake with one of the helpful links below. They provide online converters or charts for metric units of measurement, European clothing sizes (including some unusual items like children’s motorcycle helmets), currency exchange rates, as well as electrical standards and outlets used in different countries. Pretty much any conversion you will ever need in everyday life. There is also a link to help you with special German characters like Umlauts.


Metric Conversion
This website converts practically anything, including distance/length, area, speed, temperature, weight, and much more.

Shoe or Clothing Sizes:
Very helpful site that even has size conversions for bras, hats, belts, rings, and children’s motorcycle helmets. Or for simple clothing items, you may find your answer in one of the following charts:



Universal currency converter. Very easy to use. Euros, US dollars, Swiss Francs–you name it, they have it.

This website has a wonderful chart that shows you which electric current is used in each country and also has pictures of the plugs needed for the different electrical outlets.

You can find exact temperature conversions under the metric conversion link above, but if you just want to ballpark temperature equivalents in Celsius and Fahrenheit, this chart may come in handy.


And for something a little unusual: crochet terms and abbreviations in British and American English, German, and Danish.

Special Characters:
Typing special characters (ä/ö/ü/ß) on an American keyboard: detailed instructions for various methods in Word as well as instructions for Mac.

Setting up and using the German keyboard on your PC:

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