Das Auto (Cars & Driving)


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Das Auto (Cars and Driving)

– Das Auto/die Teile des Autos: Wortschatz-Video (Niveau A); beginner-level video about car parts. Online vocabulary exercise to go with the video.


Autoteile: powerpoint about parts of the car   (P)

Autovokabular: online exercise, car/traffic vocab definitions   (O)

Verkehrszeichen: Exercise about German road signs.  (W)  You can find all of the German traffic regulations at http://www.sicherestrassen.de/_VKZ.htm

Autofahren: virtual driving test by the Auto Club of Switzerland.

A history of German cars (listening and text).

– Autofahren in Deutschland    (R) (comprehension questions about a website, rather than a reading text). Available in German and English.

VW entschuldigt sich   (O)  (online exercise about Volkswagen’s official apology for its emissions manipulation)

Das Auto (pdf worksheet, German only, advanced beginners and up) (W)

– A short article about why road signs may not be very helpful to you in Switzerland (in English).

Der Führerschein: bilingual German-English blog about the German driver’s license.

Verkehrslektion 1: bilingual German-English blog about speed limits in Germany.

Verkehrslektion 2: bilingual German-English blog about traffic regulations in Germany.

Die Parkscheibe: how to use the blue “parking disc”; bilingual German-English blog.

Geier warten auf Raser: bilingual German-English blog about “speeders” and the prevalence of speeding offenses in Germany and Switzerland. Deutsche Welle also has an entire unit on “Raser” with video and exercises.

Deutsche Ampelsprache: German traffic light behavior is a little different than in the United States. Bilingual German-English blog.

Das Auto:

autoteile das auto


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