This is one of our Weekly Brick units that are designed to provide specific building blocks for German students and teachers to work with for a week. These weekly German units feature a different theme each week and offer various types of exercises for different types of learners.

Some of the materials are worksheets (W); others are blog articles (B), flashcards (F), online exercises (O), powerpoints (P), reading texts (R), videos (V), or webquests (WQ).

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familie; julia familie 2Familie: online practice with family tree    (O)

Julias Familie (text and questions about a family). Matching family tree (without family vocabulary).   (W)

Flashcard set: quizlet set (exceeds textbook list). Make sure you take advantage of the test-yourself options after you get done studying the flashcards.    (F)

Familie online.    (O)

Match-up exercise     (O)

Familie: Partner activity powerpoint to ask about family members. (P)

Familie. Open the online fill-in-the-blank exercise. Then listen to the audio file and fill in the missing words. (O)

Common family vocabulary: online exercise for family vocabulary based on the word cloud below. 


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