German Accusative (Akkusativ)


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German Accusative (Akkusativ)

Accusative: a short video to explain what the German accusative is and which article forms need to be changed in the accusative.

Accusative articles: “Der Bauer schickt den Jockel aus” (old German children’s verse; great for practicing definite articles in the accusative, very easy; worksheet available).   V


Verben mit 2 Akkusativobjekten (verbs that can come with two different accusative objects): a somewhat unusual but possible occurrence with certain verbs. Nur Deutsch (B +, intermediate level and up).  V


Articles: practice definite and indefinite article forms for different genders and cases. Complete case/gender charts.   P

Dative/accusative: ppt practice for article and pronoun forms, replacing nouns with pronouns. –

dative/accusative: ppt slide to make simple sentences.   P

Direct objects: very easy powerpoint to practice the German accusative in class. More accusative practice: Direct objects (mostly with food vocabulary, definite and indefinite articles, kein, and mein).   P

accusative nutshell 2Accusative: endings on definite and indefinite articles and possessive pronouns   O

Articles: Who bites whom? Subject vs. Direct Object. Helps students understand that the noun at the beginning of a sentence is not necessarily the subject in German.     O

Articles: Choose the correct article forms in the sentences (nominative, accusative, dative), particularly in German sentences that don’t start with the subject.   O

Articles (definitive and indefinite): timed online exercise; German accusative and dative objects.  O

Article endings (nom./accus./dat.): with and without prepositions.  O

Article endings (dative/accusative): acc. and dat. prepositions and dative verbs.  O

Articles/pronouns: fill-in-the-blank exercise, nominative and accusative only (Deutsch Heute Kap. E – 4).   

Article and adjective endings: two of the most common article and adjective endings are m and n. Which one do you need: m or n?

Definite articles: practice just the masculine definite articles in the nominative, accusative and dative. Also helps students to develop a more intuitive feel for German sentence patterns.   O

Definite articles: practice just the feminine definite articles in the nominative, accusative and dative. Also helps students to develop a more intuitive feel for German sentence patterns.   O

Definite articles: practice just the neuter definite articles in the nominative, accusative and dative. Also helps students to develop a more intuitive feel for German sentence patterns.  O

accusative tulpen 2Der-words: timed online fill-in-the-blank exercise (nominative/accusative only). O

Direct and indirect objects: online multiple-choice sentences. Which one is correct?  O

Direct objects: practice sentences with typical German accusative patterns. Classroom/individual activity.   W

Reise zum Mond: classroom activity to practice accusative objects or separable prefixes.   W

Direct and indirect objects: easy; focus on correct case endings.  W

Direct and indirect objects: grammar handout with practice sentences, focus on word order for dative and accusative nouns and pronouns.   W

Dative and accusative review: exercises for dative and accusative objects and pronouns.  W

Nominative/accusative/dative: recognizing gender and case markers  W

Ein kluger Schmuggler: reading comprehension text with exercises for comprehension, vocabulary and accusative (pdf format).     R

Der Deutschbüffler: monthly reading comprehension magazine. May 2016 issue with focus on accusative.

German accusative playground 2


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