German Adjective Opposites


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German Adjective Opposites (Adjektiv-Gegenteile)


adjectives gegenteile compAdjektive: adjective opposites. (W)

German adjective opposites: find the correct adjective opposite in the word cloud. (O)

German adjective opposites with un- : some adjectives can be turned into their opposite by adding the prefix un- . But with some adjectives this is either not possible or simply not done. Choose the best opposite. (O)

Adjektive und ihre Gegenteile: easy worksheet for beginner-level vocabulary expansion, based on the Gegenteile/Opposites picture. (W)

Flashcard set: An extensive flashcard set with adjective opposites found on quizlet. (F)

Video on the comparative forms of adjectives uses many adjective opposite pairs. Teacher/student worksheet to go with the video (pdf) (V)


Two videos with many German adjective opposites. Very slow and with pronunciation for beginners. video 1; video 2 (V)

Das Gegenteil Lied: A children’s song that includes many adjective opposites (along with some noun opposites). Unfortunately, the lyrics are not available with the video, but it’s pretty easy to understand. (V)

A collection of adjective opposites as a rhyming poem:


German adjective opposites 2


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