German Body Parts & Health (Körper & Gesundheit)


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German Body Parts & Health (Körper & Gesundheit)

Was mein Körper alles kann: beginner-level video about the most common body parts and what they do. Worksheet to go with the video (pdf format). 


Körper: quizlet set; quiz with similar set. Body parts: worksheet on German idioms using body parts. (W)

Body parts: German idioms using body parts. (W)

List of German body parts with labeling activity. (W)

witz 1sep16

Easy worksheet with body part labeling of all the body parts that are hurting on Werner Wehleider. (W)

Body parts (labeling body parts) (O)

The different body parts and what they can do. Picture with labeled body parts; picture with parts that need to be numbered; online exercise for the verbs and body parts.

Es geht mir nicht gut: different ways to express that you are not feeling well. (W)

Der Arztbesuch: ppt. conversation between doctor and patient. With practice for most common phrases. (P)

Der Arztbesuch: bilingual beginner-level video with phrases that are commonly needed/used for a doctor’s visit. Worksheet to go specifically with the video (pdf format).


Der Arztbesuch (easy reading text with comprehension and vocabulary exercises) (R)

German body parts

Der geheilte Patient (reading text with comprehension exercise) (R)

Nussknacker und Mausekönig: Kapitel 3 of our reading comprehension activities on E.T.A. Hoffmann’s famous story. This chapter is very heavy on body vocabulary. (W)

Body parts (Körperteile): German idioms with body parts (O)

Der Körper: simple set of flashcards for study and self-testing

German idioms with body parts: use the cartoons to complete the worksheet. Cartoons / worksheet

Gesundheit: health and fitness, body parts and illnesses. Links: 1, 2 (WQ)

Gesund Essen: basic food vocab activity. Links: 1, 2 (WQ)

Lingolia unit on body parts

Unit on German body parts & health

Deutsche Welle article about idioms that involve body parts. Intermediate level and up. 

Mr. Potato Head: fun and instructive video on German body parts

A visual collection of flower names that use lots of body parts

The fingers of the hand, illustrated with the help of a popular children’s verse (Note: the English translation of the verse is adjusted slightly to make it rhyme in English as well)


German body parts. hand 2


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