Past Participles (Partizipien)


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German Past Participles (Partizipien)

This unit is about the formation of German past participles, not about the use of the present or past perfect tense. For additional materials relating to the use of those tenses, check out our pages with worksheets, online exercises, powerpoints, and handouts.

 German past participles; grammar past participle 2
Aschenputtel übt die Partizipien: Cinderella outsmarts her wicked stepmother. She lists all the chores she has already done (present perfect tense). Die Bildung der Partizipien. Video ist nur auf Deutsch, aber relativ einfach. Arbeitsblatt/Worksheet (pdf).  (V)


Past participle flashcards: Series 1; Series 2 (flashcards for study and self-test) (O)

Participles (irregular verbs): timed online quiz. (O)

Participles (irregular verbs): timed. Enter the correct infinitives for the participles given. (O)

Participles (irregular verbs): multiple-choice online exercise (O)

German past participles of inseparable prefix verbs. Verbs with inseparable prefixes do not use the “ge” in the formation of the participle. Find the correct participles in a word cloud.  (O)

Ein Riesenkürbis: beginner-level reading comprehension text and worksheet with exercise on past participles   (R)

Present perfect tense: Patterns for Participles (vowel change patterns for irregular verbs). (P)German past participles; participle reg 2 German units

An extensive quizlet flashcard set with 125 verbs and their past participles. This can be used for studying and self-testing.

An excellent list of German irregular verbs in pdf format (includes irregular present, simple past and past participle forms).

A good introduction to the present perfect tense and participles; step-by-step for beginners. With many short online exercises to practice the concepts.

The following images show some of the patterns for the formation of irregular German past participles. Although there are many irregular verbs, most of them follow one of the patterns outlined below.

Click on a thumbnail for a larger image.


prefix auxiliary 2