German Sports

German Sports–A National Obsession

Germans love their sports, not just watching them, but participating as well. Every child knows how to play soccer–it’s almost as if they were born knowing how to dribble a ball. Many well-organized clubs and leagues see to it that there is rarely a shortage of outstanding German athletes in almost every sport, but they also provide excellent opportunities for mediocre and downright bad players to engage in their favorite sports activities, more for the health and social benefits than the prospect of Olympic medals. As a result, Germans are generally quite well-informed about a broad range of sports. If you share an interest in German sports, the links on this page will direct you to the websites of all the major German sports leagues. Some of those websites even allow you to watch games live.

Spielregeln: Rules for various sports (in German).

Sportarten: different Olympic summer sports (powerpoint activity)

fussballvocabFußball Bundesliga der Männer and as a special treat, a youtube link to the club song of the FC Bayern München, Stern des Südens (worksheet to go with the song)

Fußball Bundesliga der Frauen 

Handball Bundesliga der Männer

Handball Bundesliga der Frauen

Handball:some great goals and handball scenes (youtube video); rules and trivia (in German). 

Basketball Bundesliga der Männer

Basketball Bundesliga der Frauen 

Volleyball Bundesliga Männer/Frauen, video portal

Deutsche Eishockey Liga

Deutscher Schwimmverband

Deutscher Tennisbund 

Deutscher Leichtathletikverband  


“Soccer is when 22 players run after the ball, and in the end, the Germans always win.”


Roger Federer site: ok, so I couldn’t resist. I don’t have a page on Swiss sports (yet), so Roger Federer gets his own billing here. Link to the complete Lindor chocolate commercial. Hilarious! Link to the Roger Federer “William Tell” shot.






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