German Subordinating Conjunctions


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German Subordinating Conjunctions (Unterordnende Konjunktionen)

Subordinating Conjunctions: what they are and how they affect word order (English explanations with lots of German examples). After you finish watching the video,
complete the online exercise.  (V / W)conjunction-preposition2

Nebenordnende und unterordnende Konjunktionen: Video (auf Deutsch), das den Unterschied zwischen nebenordnenden und unterordnenden Konjunktionen erklärt. (V)

: easy online exercise for sorting coordinating vs. subordinating conjunctions   (O)

Subordinating conjunctions: choose the correct conjunction for each sentence (online exercise)   (O)

Subordinating conjunctions: starting sentences top-conjunctions-2with German subordinating conjunctions (word order, pdf format).  (W)

Clauses: team or individual activity to make sentences with subordinating/coordinating conjunctions. Teachers may wish to assign points for correct sentences and turn this into a friendly competition.   (W)

Sentence starters: complete sentences with an appropriate second clause (coordinating and subordinating conjunctions).  (W)

Word order: switching main and subordinate clauses.  (W)

Cause and effect: connect sentences with “denn”, “weil” and “deshalb”. Online exercise.   (O)

Sentence structure with subordinate clauses.   (W)

Clause patterns: Basic patterns of main and subordinate clauses. May be useful as a supplement in classroom. Not sufficient on its own.   (W)


German subordinating conjunctions sub-conjunctions-2 grammar-conjunction-2

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