Grammar in 5


German parallel grammar in 5 minutesMany German students find it easier to learn German with pictures. As a visual learner myself, I love associating words with pictures. Consequently, I have started several galleries of visual items that hopefully will help visual and non-visual learners alike to add to their German vocabulary or to better retain vocabulary or grammar. This is a work in progress that I will continue to update as I create new images. These pages contain a lot of visual content, so they may take a little while to load. Please be patient! These pages feature only original visuals I have created, but I will also continue to post similar visual items that I find on other websites on the facebook page.

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Grammar in 5 Minutes or Less (English & German Parallel Grammar)

Some students shudder at the sound of the word “grammar,” mostly because they perceive it to be some esoteric jumble of rules that was purposely created to make their lives miserable. In reality, German grammar is very logical and grammar rules usually serve a clear and distinct purpose. Anybody who likes to construct miniature worlds out of Legos (and who doesn’t?) should love German grammar because building sentences is a lot like building with Legos. However, every builder must know the building materials he/she is working with. If you don’t know your building blocks and what they can and cannot do, you will find it difficult to construct a sturdy building or, in this case, sentence. This “Grammar in 5” page has English and German parallel grammar that quickly allows you to familiarize yourself with the basic building blocks (elements like nouns, verbs, adjectives etc. and their possible functions within a sentence).

This “Grammar in 5 Minutes or Less” gallery is a way of trying to explain basic English and German parallel grammar elements and to demonstrate how they are used in the two languages. Many students find it helpful to compare/contrast English and German side by side, so the slides explain both the English and German parallel grammar in simple terms. Of course, there will always be a few exceptions, but they don’t invalidate the rules in general. The “Grammar in 5 Minutes or Less” gallery is a work in progress, so check back often to see what new visuals have been added.


If you are looking for a visual on a specific topic, try the gallery search below. It’s not very elegant, but it should work.