Modal Verbs


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German Modal Verbs (Modalverben)

Modalverben video. Der Gebrauch von Modalverben im Satz (how to use modals in a sentence). Arbeitsblatt (worksheet that accompanies the video).    (V / W)


Modal verb conjugation: Quizlet flashcards, present tense only   (F)

German modal verbsGerman Modal Verbs: what they are and how to use them (English summary and explanation)

“Die Tür” (Kurt Tucholsky): listening activity for modals/infinitives (Worksheet, audio(W)

“Das Dunkel und ich”: very easy listening activity for conjugation of modal verbs. From Rolf Zuckowski’s musical “Der Kleine Tag”, a wonderful musical that is very usable in a German classroom. A version of the song is available on youtube.    (W)

Modal conjugation: present tense of modals.  (O)

Modal quiz: timed online modal quiz.  (O)

Modal conjugation: Fill in correct present-tense forms of all the German modal verbs or print out complete table for reference. Can be used effectively with modal conversation handout. Read the conversation out loud. Students can write the missing modals into the handout and then copy the forms into the modal table. Additionally, the modal conversation handout can be used to identify the infinitive verb in each sentence.   (W)

Modals: oral partner activity.    (W)

Momoegen lieben2dalverben in der Werbungpractice the use of German modal verbs with German advertising  (P)

“Drück die 1″: Worksheet for the Annett Louisan video (focus on modals and infinitives).   (V)

German modal verbs/infinitives: easy Modalverben worksheet.  (W)

Double Infinitives: double infinitives with modals in the perfect tense.   (W)

An illustration of modals used without infinitives:


kann soll muss


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  1. This is the most wonderful find. Thank you so much! I’m an experienced DaF teacher and am so very grateful for all the on-line material links provided here. Wunderbar!

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