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This is one of our Weekly Brick units that are designed to provide specific building blocks for German students and teachers to work with for a week. These weekly German units feature a different theme each week and offer various types of exercises for different types of learners.

Some of the materials are worksheets (W); others are blog articles (B), flashcards (F), online exercises (O), powerpoints (P), reading texts (R), videos (V), or webquests (WQ).

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German Names & Numbers

Basic introductions: Classroom activity for teachers. (W)

German names: analyzing some German last names found in U.S. phone books.  (W)

Terms of endearment: What do Germans call their loved ones?   (B)

Number puzzle to write out addition problems.  (W)

Numbers: math exercise to write out German numbers.   (O)

Brüche (Fractions): bilingual comic on the double meaning of “Brüche” (fractions vs. fractures) (B)

ordinal numbers2Numbers: quizlet set (0 – 100); quizlet quiz (you get a different quiz every time you refresh).  (F)

Numbers: counting to 20 in German; Tassen zählen mit Bert und Ernie   (V)

Ordinal numbers: Writing out the birthdates of some famous people.  (W)

Ordinal numbers and holidays: writing out ordinal numbers for special days in the German calendar  (W)

Calendar activity: days of the week, ordinal numbers.  (W)

Ordinal Numbers: which ending is needed (ste/sten/te/ten)?   (O)

Ordinal Numbers: online exercise to write out the numbers   (O)

Zahlen und Buchstaben: beginner-level ppt. to practice numbers and letters  (P)

Der Krieg der Zahlen (intermediate-level reading comprehension; story about how war broke out between even and odd numbers, with comprehension and comparative/superlative exercise)   (R)

What does an “odd” name mean for a child’s life? (German only)

How are different girls’ names perceived. How are different boys’ names perceived (might help students pick their German names).


German names; German names & numbers


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