Present Tense Conjugation


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German Present Tense Conjugation

Conjugation (present tense): adding correct endings to regular verbs.   (W)

present tense conjugationIrregular verbs: completing table of irregular verbs in the present tense.   (W)

Video about the present tense conjugation of “sein”, using all of the forms in practical situations.   (V)  A similar resource: visual with all of the present tense forms of “sein” used in one picture.

Video about the present tense conjugation of “haben”. A simple story using all of the forms in practical situations. Loosely based on the song “Die Affen rasen durch den Wald.”    (V)

Verb conjugation: powerpoint to practice regular present tense conjugation.   (P)

Irregular present-tense verbs: powerpoint to practice irregular verbs from Kontakte (Einführung A – Kap. 2).   (P)

Conjugation (present tense): online exercise to practice present tense conjugation of regular verbs only.   (O)

Conjugation (irregular verbs, present tense): a few of the most common irregular verbs  (O)

Conjugation (irregular verbs, present tense): online exercise (Deutsch Heute, Kap. E-3).   (O)

Conjugation (irregular verbs, present tense): timed online exercise for Kapitel 4 (Deutsch Heute)    (O)

Conjugation (present tense conjugation of irregular verbs): online exercise (Deutsch Heute, Kap. E-7).   (O)

“Bitte gib mir nur ein Wort”:  Worksheet on basic present tense conjugation for Wir sind Helden song. Good for early beginners. Brilliant video. A different worksheet is also available here.   (W)

sein/haben/wissen: present tense conjugation of haben/wissen, present and past of sein.    (F)

Verb Conjugation (Einführung – Kapitel 1 of Deutsch Heute): quizlet flashcards    (F)

Conjugation of irregular present tense verbs: crossword puzzle (through Kapitel 3 of Deutsch Heute)

If you are not sure about a verb’s conjugation, here’s a great resource: just enter the verb and it will give you the conjugation in all the tenses.

Visuals for irregular verbs in the present tense (click for bigger images):

irregular present tense        irregular present-tense verbs

irreg a ae 2        irreg total2


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