Reflexive Pronouns & Verbs


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Reflexive Pronouns & Verbs

Reflexive reflexiv reflexive verbs reflexive pronounsReflexive Verbs: most common reflexive verbs with accusative/dative examples. W

Reflexive pronouns W

Reflexive pronouns: some reflexive expressions from the comic “Sandra und Woo.” Identify the case of the reflexive pronoun and learn to vary the expressions. Comic 1; comic 2. W

Reflexive pronouns: not too easy. O

Reflexive pronouns: a little easier. O

Reflexive pronouns: add the correct reflexive pronoun  O

reflexive chart 2 reflexive pronounsReflexive verbs with prepositions: match-up exercise O

Reflexive verbs: which statement matches the picture? O

Reflexive Pronouns: what they are and how to use them P

Reflexive Verben: “true” reflexive verbs that always come with a reflexive pronoun (intermediate and up vocabulary) P

A nice summary of many reflexive verbs.



reflexiv dativ 2 reflexive pronouns



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