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Because I am a visual learner and therefore a big fan of video sources, I created these German video resources to help other visually oriented learners with their mastery of German. Each video activity features a video and a related worksheet or online exercise with grammar and/or comprehension questions about the video. Worksheets can be downloaded and printed out so that students can answer the questions while they watch the videos.

Many of the videos are from youtube and therefore subject to change/removal at any point in time. I have not control over the availablity of the videos, but I make an effort to check the links on a regular basis. However, I cannot guarantee that all videos are available at all times. Please note that the links that are included for the German videos on the printable worksheets may NOT be available anymore, but the links included on this page are updated more frequently and may therefore still work. If a video link does not work, please let me know ( or search for it online. It may still be available from a different source.

The text files and activities created by are for private or classroom use only and may not be used in any publication or for-profit purpose without the author’s prior written consent. By downloading or copying these files, you agree to these terms of use.

Creating the materials on this website has taken hundreds of hours of unpaid work, and while is a labor of love, a small Paypal donation would be greatly appreciated if you have found the materials on this website to be of use to you.


>>>Check out the youtube channel as we continue to add videos. Some of the videos come with specific worksheets. These are also listed below.<<<


Beginner Level

ATTENTION: the links listed on the individual worksheets may not be accurate anymore, but I do my best to keep the links on this page up-to-date, so please access the activities from the links provided on this page.

Der Arztbesuch: phrases that are commonly needed/used for a doctor’s visit. Worksheet to go with the video (pdf format).

Aschenputtel übt die Partizipien: Cinderella outsmarts her wicked stepmother. She lists all the chores she has already done (present perfect tense). Die Bildung der Partizipien. Video ist nur auf Deutsch, aber relativ einfach. Arbeitsblatt/Worksheet (pdf). 

Wer? Wen? Wem? Learn the difference between the German forms of who? and whom? with the help of “Erlkönig,” one of the most famous poems in German literature. Worksheet to go with the video.

Der Komparativ. Common German comparative forms. Worksheet to go with the German video (pdf format).

Dativ bei indirekten Objekten. Very easy explanation of the definite article changes in the dative case. Online exercise to go with the German video.

Eine Reise planen — Was Sie zum Reisen alles brauchen. Basic vocabulary about traveling. Worksheet to go with the German video (pdf format).

Possessivpronomen (mein, dein, sein etc.). Nur Deutsch, aber sehr leicht. Arbeitsblatt (pdf Format).

Modalverben. Der Gebrauch von Modalverben im Satz (how to use modals in a sentence). Arbeitsblatt (worksheet that accompanies the video).  

Imperfekt von “sein”. The conjugation of “sein” in the simple past. With sample sentences for all forms and matching pdf worksheet

Ja oder doch? Soll man eine Frage/Aussage mit “ja” oder “doch” beantworten? Passende Online-Übung.

Was mein Körper alles kann: body parts and what they do. Worksheet to go with the German video (pdf format).

Der Kampf gegen den Müll: advanced beginner video and worksheet about recycling and proper sorting of garbage in Germany. 

Wozu brauche ich Münzen? Easy German video about uses of coins today (shopping carts, vending machines, public restrooms etc.). Matching comprehension and vocabulary worksheet (pdf format).

Die Werkzeuge: common household tools. Worksheet to go with the video (pdf format). An expanded online exercise on tools/instruments.

Freizeitbeschäftigungen im Sommer. Welche Aktivitäten sind im Sommer populär? Beginner-level video; worksheet.

Uhrzeit in der Umgangssprache: short beginner-level video; online exercise as a follow-up to the video.

Bräuche zum Neuen Jahr: some German customs for New Year’s DAY. German only, but pretty easy, with some vocabulary explanations.  

Dreikönigstag: history and customs associated with Epiphany. German only but fairly easy. Comprehension worksheet.

In der Stadt: places in the city with basic directional vocabulary (neben, gegenüber von, in der Nähe etc.). Worksheet to accompany the video (pdf format). 

Die Getränke: easy video about alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages in German; with pdf worksheet or online version of the worksheet (questions 1 – 20 only since that is the max LearningApps allows).  

Auf dem Bauernhof: easy video about farm animals; with worksheet.

Der deutsche Wald: easy video about things that are/are not allowed in a German forest. Worksheet (a little harder than the video)

Natur & Umwelt: easy video with vocabulary about nature/environment. Worksheet

Weihnachten: Weihnachtswortschatz (video; worksheet); “Der Weihnachtsbaum” Christmas poem with English subtitles; Die Weihnachtsgeschichte (very easy version of the Christmas story: video; worksheet; online exercise). 

Die Sommer-Olympiade: video with vocabulary that is frequently used in different sports.

Deutsche Redewendungen mit Farben (advanced beginner/intermediate): Teil I (video); Teil I worksheet.

Video about the present tense conjugation of “sein”, using all of the forms in practical situations. No worksheet, but easy to watch. 

Video about the present tense conjugation of “haben”. A simple story using all of the forms in practical situations. Loosely based on the song “Die Affen rasen durch den Wald.” No worksheet, but easy to watch. 

Hasso und der Hasser: a simple story for comprehension. For beginner-level students. Worksheet with comprehension questions.

Der Bauer schickt den Jockel aus: a very old German children’s verse, can be used to practice accusative forms of definite articles, worksheet available (pdf).

Subordinating Conjunctions: what they are and how they affect word order (English explanations with lots of German examples, no worksheet)

Der Alphabet-Rap: great video to teach the German alphabet to beginning students.

Chocolate Chip Cookies: virtual chocolate chip cookie song by WiseguysVideo.

Wetter: Funny weather report from “Ki.Ka” (dem Kinderkanal von ARD und ZDF) mit Bernd, dem Brot. Bernd das Brot worksheet; links 1, 2, 3

“Bitte gib mir nur ein Wort”:  Worksheet on basic verb conjugation for Wir sind Helden song. Good for early beginners. Brilliant Video  (a different worksheet is also available on that site).

“Drück die 1”: Worksheet for the Annett Louisan video (focus on modals and infinitives). A different worksheet is also available on the video site.

“Wo fängt dein Himmel an?”: worksheet for Philip Poisel video (focus on past participles). A different worksheet and video are available here.

“Stuttgart Hymne”: worksheet for Meni und Deve video (focus on two-way prepositions). A different worksheet is also available on the video site.

“Ordnung halte, liebe sie”: great video from RatzFatz. Good visuals for the lyrics, quite a bit of clothing- and apartment-related vocabulary. Worksheet to go with the video.

“Schwarzfahrer”: worksheet for the Oscar-winning German short film.  Video Link (version with English subtitles), Video Link 2 (version without subtitles)

Mainzelmännchen: Ok, so there are no activities for this video, but the Mainzelmännchen, which are used as quick fillers between commercials on ZDF (Zweites Deutsches Fernsehen), are a German national treasure, so you can watch this quick collection of clips just for your viewing pleasure. A related article on the background of these lovable TV gnomes and a simple exercise are available on the deutschdrang blog.

“Gasthof zur Post”: youtube video with online exercise.

“Für immer und Dich”: Jan Delay lyrics, video, powerpoint for review/application

“Glücksprinzip”: Die Firma videoworksheet (verb position with subordinating conjunctions)

Amadeus: Worksheet about Falco’s “Rock me Amadeus” and a quiz on Mozart. Video 1. Various versions/parts of the movie “Amadeus” are available on youtube. If you would like to watch one of Mozart’s operas, but are not a huge opera fan in general, try the version of “The Magic Flute” which famous Swedish director Ingmar Bergman turned into a movie. It is sung in Swedish, but it is entertaining, even for children. It, too, is available on youtube. A very good article about what the movie “Amadeus” gets wrong, but also recognizing the undeniable charm and fascination of the movie and of Mozart as a person and composer.

Typisch deutsch. Easy German video about what Germans perceive as typically German. Worksheet. Video.

“Deutschland”: satirical song by “Die Prinzen”. Worksheet. youtube video.

“Die drei Hauptmahlzeiten” (The Three Main Meals): Germans eat differently from Americans. Worksheet with questions to answer about a German video.

Deutsche Kinderlieder: videos/audios of lots of German children’s songs with lyrics. Reading comprehension worksheet based on Hänsel und Gretel  (video link) (answer sheet)

A cute video for the simple past and present perfect forms of some common verbs. Great combination of audio and visual learning techniques. No activities to go with it, but it’s really well done and self-explanatory.

Video activities for specific chapters: I am not updating these anymore, but you are welcome to check them and see what is/is not usable anymore. EinführungKapitel 1 (Deutsch Heute), Kapitel 1(Kontakte); Kapitel 2 (Deutsch Heute); Kapitel 3 (Deutsch Heute); Kapitel 4 (Deutsch Heute); Kapitel 5 (Deutsch Heute); Kapitel 7 (Deutsch Heute);

Herr Antrim has a very active channel for German videos, mostly aimed at beginning and intermediate-level students.

A complete, free video series to learn German is available from smartergerman on youtube.



Intermediate Level

Adjektive als Substantive. Video auf Deutsch. Adjectives that are used as nouns and require different endings (e.g. der Deutsche, ein Deutscher, die Deutschen etc.). Explanations with examples. Online exercise to practice

Verben mit zwei Akkusativobjekten (doppelter Akkusativ). Video auf Deutsch. A limited number of verbs (e.g. lehren, kosten, fragen) can have two different accusative objects in the same sentence (e.g. Es wird dich keinen Cent kosten). Passende Online-Übung

Max und Moritz (1. Streich). A summary of the first prank in the story of Max und Moritz. Really quite easy, except that it practices the German simple past (Imperfekt). Worksheet to accompany the video.

“Der Wurstdieb”: deutsche Wechselpräpositionen. German two-way prepositions explained with the help of the Wilhelm Busch story “Der Wurstdieb.” Video / Wechselpräpositionen Arbeitsblatt

Nebenordnende und unterordnende Konjunktionen: Video (auf Deutsch), das den Unterschied zwischen nebenordnenden und unterordnenden Konjunktionen erklärt.

Das deutsche Passiv im Präsens (Video und pdf Arbeitsblatt, nur Deutsch): Wie macht man im Präsens passive Sätze?

Das deutsche Passiv im Imperfekt und Perfekt: eine sehr einfache Version der Geschichte von Wilhelm Tell illustriert den Gebrauch des Passivs im Imperfekt und Perfekt. Video / Arbeitsblatt. Passende Online-Übung zum Imperfekt.

5 Dative Situations: When and how is the dative case used in German?

“da-” Pronominaladverbien (z.B. davor, daran, dagegen, daneben, dabei etc.): Erklärungen und Beispiele mit Hilfe von Carl Spitzwegs bekanntem Bild “Der arme Poet”. 

Der Jugendkalender (von Leonhard Diefenbach): Januar (video; vocabulary list; questions; answers; text)

Comparative/superlativeWorksheet / Video Link (more audio than video of Kai Niemman’s song “Im Osten”, but great for comparative adjectives).german video

Verbs used as nounsWorksheet / Video Link (song from the movie “7 Zwerge” with the German comedian Otto Waalkes).

Infinitives with “zu” and “um . . . zu”: Worksheet/ Video Link (“Geboren, um zu leben” von Unheilig).

“Mostly Martha”: Worksheet and online exercises (1, 2, 3) for the movie “Mostly Martha”.

Wellensittich oder Spatz: comprehension/discussion powerpoint to go with Gerhard Schöne’s excellent song “Wellensittich und Spatzen”. Video link; song lyrics

ATTENTION: the links listed on the worksheets I created for specific textbooks may not be accurate anymore, but I do my best to keep the links on this page up-to-date, so please access the activities from the links provided on this page.

Worksheet (Deutsch Heute, Kap.8)/ Video Links 1, 2 (audio), 3, 4 (work/family, future tense)

Worksheet (Deutsch Heute, Kap.9)/ Video Links 1, 2 (worksheet text starts at 45 seconds), 3, 4 (body, zu infinitive, comparative)

Worksheet (Deutsch Heute, Kap.10)/ Video Links 1, 2, 3 (DDR).

German TV: Complete episodes of some German TV shows and many movies. No specific activities.

ARD Mediathek: German TV station media library. Lots of videos available, some full-length shows like “Tatort”.

ZDF Mediathek: German TV station media library.Lots of videos available, some full-length shows.

Subjunctive: Worksheet for Rio Reiser’s König von Deutschland“; video link

Beruf: German video about job applications with available worksheet.

Denglisch: song by “Wise Guys” about the ubiquitous use of English in contemporary German. No activities yet, but see related post on the deutschdrang blog.


All Levels

Great Music Video Resource: German music videos, available with German and English lyrics and some teaching activities. Some of the videos are suitable for specific grammar issues (e.g., “Gib mir nur ein Wort” by Wir sind Helden can be used as an introduction to basic verb endings in the present tense). Many of these videos, however, would be more appropriate for at least second-semester German classes.



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  1. I really miss the beginner level video activity worksheets that used to be posted on this website for the Deutsch Heute textbook: Videos zur Einführung, Videos zu Kapitel 1, 2, 3, etc. They were very useful and convenient with the active video links right on the page. Can they be put back on the site as a resource??

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