Vocabulary Practice for Deutsch Heute (9th ed.)


Please note: This page features some vocabulary resources and exercises, such as online exercises and flashcards, that specifically complement Deutsch Heute. If you are looking for vocabulary help in general, check out our general Vocabulary Practice page, which offers many additional vocabulary-related exercises.

General Vocabulary Practice

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Links to Publisher’s audio flashcards for Deutsch Heute (9th ed.):

vocabulary practice for Deutsch Heute

Einführung; Kapitel 1; Kapitel 2;

Kapitel 3; Kapitel 4; Kapitel 5;

Kapitel 6; Kapitel 7; Kapitel 8;

Kapitel 9; Kapitel 10; Kapitel 11; Kapitel 12



Match-up phrases: online match-up exercise

Nouns/Articles : Quizlet flashcards for nouns “Im Zimmer”

Nouns: online exercise for articles and English meaning


Kapitel 1:

Adjektives: online match-up

Verb Conjugation (Einführung – Kapitel 1): quizlet flashcards

Wie ist er? Powerpoint to practice questions/answers with adjectives from chapter 1.


Kapitel 2:

Nouns/Articles (Einführung – Kapitel 2): flashcards, practice articles for nouns


Kapitel 3:

Conjugation of irregular present tense verbs: crossword puzzle (through Kapitel 3)

Vocabulary practice: practice sentences for 2. part of Chapter 3 vocab.


Kapitel 4:

Verbs: Kap. E – 4 online part 1/ part 2/ part 3

Irregular Present-tense Verbs: Kapitel 1 – 4

Vocab Kapitel 4: two online match-up exercises to learn vocab for Kap. 4 online part 1/ online part 2


Kapitel 5:

Vocab Kapitel 5: vocab handout; flashcards nouns; flashcards verbs.


Kapitel 6:

Vocab Kapitel 6: vocab handout

German past participles (flashcards): regular and irregular past participles Einführung-Kap. 6

Irregular past participles ONLY: flashcards, games and mini-quizzes on Quizlet to study irregular participles


Kapitel 8:

Adjectives: Crossword puzzle (Kap. 5-8)


Kapitel 10:

Irregular simple past verbs: quizlet flashcards for irregular simple past verbs.Try the test option as well!


vocabulary deutsch heute


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