Vocabulary Practice for Kontakte (7th ed.)


Please note: This page features some vocabulary resources and exercises, such as online exercises and flashcards, that specifically complement Kontakte. If you are looking for vocabulary help in general, check out our general Vocabulary Practice page, which offers many additional vocabulary-related exercises.

General Vocabulary Practice

Many of the resources here are QUIZLET links. Be sure to familiarize yourself with all of the wonderful options that quizlet has to offer (e.g., click on the audio icon to hear a word or phrase pronounced for you; create quizzes for yourself etc.)

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The publisher has some online vocabulary and grammar exercises available here.

Einführung A:

– Aufforderungen (Instructions): Aufforderungen match-up; quizlet flashcards.

– Kleider (clothing): quizlet set (exceeds textbook list).

– Zahlen (numbers): quizlet set (0 – 100); quizlet quiz (you get a different quiz every time you refresh).

– Complete vocab list: quizlet set by GermanWerner.


Einführung B:

– Seminarraum: quizlet set;

– Körper: quizlet set; quiz with similar set. Body parts: worksheet on German idioms using body parts.

– Familie: quizlet set (exceeds textbook list); Familie online.

– Wetter: quizlet set (exceeds textbook).

– Adjektive: quizlet set of adjectives from Einführung A and B (not including weather; see separate set)

– Geographie: quizlet set (western Europe, major EU countries, US); geography quiz (includes more countries)

– Nationalitäten: quizlet set


Kapitel 1:

– Verbenliste: quizlet flashcards for verbs from Einführung A, B und Kapitel 1 (not including sep. prefix)


Kapitel 2:

– Sonstige Substantive: quizlet flashcards

– Verben: quizlet flashcards

– Adjektive: quizlet flashcard set for adjective opposites from Einführung A through Kapitel 2.

– Substantive: Noun pictures, mostly from Kapitel 2. Can be used to practice various accusative patterns (e.g., Hast du ein/eine/einen . . . ; Siehst du das/die/den . . . etc.). Suitable for partner work.

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