German Webquests for Teachers and Independent Students

I like the concept of “webquests”–guided internet searches for meaning or information–for several reasons:

1. Students who are not very familiar with internet surfing gain some practice with various common operations used during searches.

2. Students of German who attempt to glean information from a German website learn to overcome their sense of overwhelmed awe at being confronted with large blocks of German text they don’t understand and to filter the information for the pertinent morsels that the worksheet is asking for.

3. Students learn that they do not need to run for the dictionary every time they don’t understand a word and that they can actually make sense of many things just from knowing a few words.

4. Real German websites are more realistic and culturally relevant than many textbooks, appeal to the visual learner, and can actually be FUN.

That said, here are a few words of caution. All German webquests listed on this page are in Windows Word format. Answers are not provided as these will vary.  Teachers: If you are planning to use a webquest in your classroom, check it first. Websites are constantly updated, and links or information required in the assignment may not be available anymore. These webquests are checked periodically for link and content accuracy, but no guarantees are made that they will always be up-to-date. Please e-mail deutschdrang@gmail.com if you find that a link or website is no longer available. Thanks.

The text files and activities created by deutschdrang.com are for private or classroom use only and may not be used in any publication or for-profit purpose without the author’s prior written consent. By downloading or copying these files, you agree to these terms of use.

Creating the materials on this website has taken hundreds of hours of unpaid work, and while deutschdrang.com is a labor of love, a small Paypal donation would be greatly appreciated if you have found the materials on this website to be of use to you.


1. Hotel: finding information about a hotel. Link: 1

2. Fernsehen: checking out tv programming in Germany. Link: 1

german webquests3. Restaurant: finding information about a restaurant. Link: 1

4. Wetter: the weather in Germany/Europe, includes some temperature conversions. Links: 1, 2, 3

5. Gesundheit: health and fitness, body parts and illnesses. Links: 1, 2

6. Gesund Essen: basic food vocab activity. Links: 1, 2

7. Studium: finding basic info about some courses of study in Germany. Link: 1

8. Reisen: planning a flight to Berlin. Links: 1, 2

9. Möbel kaufen: buying furniture at OTTO. Link: 1

10. Arbeit: applying for a job and working in Germany. Links: 1, 2, 3

11. Schrebergarten: exploring the website of a “Schrebergarten”. Links: 1, 2

12. STASI: webquest to prepare students for viewing of “The Lives of Others” or to understand historical background of East German government surveillance. Links: 1, 2, 3


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