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Although I like to think that I was not one of the “tormentous” teachers mentioned in Pink Floyd’s song “The Wall,” I do like the refrain of the song, addressed to teachers, quite a lot:

 german unitsAll in all, you’re just another brick in the wall.

That’s always how I have interpreted my function as a teacher–to be a provider of building blocks for my students’ lives and education. I give them bricks–tools, knowledge, passion, skills. What they build with the bricks they are given is up to them. I think this is helpful to keep things in perspective for teachers: yes, we do contribute to the construction of a student’s wall/life, but we also are nothing more than a small component in a very large building project.

Thus, I thought it was appropriate to use this imagery on this page. “The Weekly Brick” is intended to provide specific building blocks for German students and teachers to work with for a week. I will try to make these weekly German units somewhat coherent in theme, but offer various types of exercises for different types of learners.

In keeping with the idea that different students have different learning styles, I try to provide different types of exercises so that both students and teachers may find something useful in these German units. Some of the materials in these German units are worksheets (W); others are blog articles (B), flashcards (F), online exercises (O), powerpoints (P), reading texts (R), videos (V), or webquests (WQ).

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>> Check out our Weekly Brick Archive page for all previous Weekly Brick German units. <<


This Week: Two-Way Prepositions (Wechselpräpositionen)

“Der Wurstdieb”: deutsche Wechselpräpositionen. German two-way prepositions explained with the help of the Wilhelm Busch story “Der Wurstdieb.” Video / Wechselpräpositionen Arbeitsblatt  (V / W)

“Stuttgart Hymne”: worksheet for Meni und Deve video (focus on two-way prepositions). A different worksheet is also available on the video site.  (V / W)

Two-Way Prepositions: powerpoint to practice accusative/dative after two-way prepositions.  (P)

Two-way prepositions: visual illustration of the two-way prepositions.

Two-way prepositions: illustration of the two-way prepositions and practice sentences  (W)

Two-way prepositions: worksheet to accompany a picture   (W)

Two-way prepositions: multiple choice quiz.    (O)

Two-way prepositions: add the correct form of the definite article     (O)

Two-way prepositions: easy sorting activity. Which prepositional phrases work for the sitting frog and which ones work for the jumping frog?  (O)

Two-way prepositions: very easy. Choose the correct preposition for each sentence.    (O)

Two-way prepositions: fill-in-the-gap exercise.   (O)

Two-way prepositions: which article is correct   (O)

Two-way prepositions: verbs with specific prepositions.   (O)

Two-way prepositions: idioms with two-way prepositions.   (O)

Sind wir zu schnell? (pdf reading text with exercises on vocabulary and two-way prepositions)    (R)

Der Jäger Gracchus  (a shortened version of a story by Franz Kafka, with exercises on vocabulary, comprehension, and two-way prepositions)    (R)

Nussknacker und Mausekönig: Kapitel 4     (R)



Last Week: Natur & Umwelt (Nature & Environment)

Natur & Umwelt: Short video with a lot of vocabulary relating to nature and environment     (V)

Worksheet (pdf format) to go with the video Natur & Umwelt. Beginner level.   (W)


Dankeschön für saubere Felder: online multiple-choice comprehension exercise about a short poster  (O)

Bilingual blog about the use of “Pfand” (deposit) in Germany.   (B)

Online vocabulary match-up exercise about the vocabulary used in the blog article.   (O)

Ein Riesenkürbis: beginner-level reading text with comprehension, vocabulary (garden), and past participle exercises    (R)

wasser-gewaesser-2Die Konservendoseintermediate-level reading text with completion and vocabulary exercises  (R)

VW entschuldigt sich: online exercise about Volkswagen’s official apology for its emissions manipulation

Umwelt: worksheet for reading comprehension and vocab building. Topic: environment/environmental protection/”green” living.   (W)

Bilingual blog about the problems created in Germany by the introduction of raccoons, which are not native to Europe.   (B)

Bilingual blog about the Eiger mountain and its deadly north face.    (B)

Bilingual blog about property rights and land use in the German-speaking countries. Includes exercise on adjective endings.   (B)

Bilingual blog about allotment/community gardens in Germany.   (B)

Multikulti Abfallentsorgung 

Der Mensch und das Wild    (B)

Der deutsche Wald (video); Arbeitsblatt zum Video (worksheet for the video)


“Sonne” by Rammstein. Very early audio activity (Einführung B of Kontakte). WorksheetVideo/audio link.

Webseite des Deutschen Naturschutzbundes NABU, mit vielen ausgezeichneten Artikeln und Tipps zum Umweltschutz. 




>> Check out our Weekly Brick Archive page for all previous Weekly Brick German units. <<